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Important Information For Sellers

The auction method of selling is a quick and efficient way to liquidate property at fair market value. We as auctioneers and owners of an auction company and an auction house will help you settle an estate, sell your personal property, home, automobile, equipment, tools, etc…

We take great care to properly advertise in local papers. We also advertise on the internet on the following website: Pictures of your treasures will be placed on this internet site in order to attract buyers. Pictures will be taken immediately after the signing of the contract and once the date has been set for the auction.

If the auction is “On-Site” your items will be sorted and placed in “flats” and organized the week of the auction. A day or two before the scheduled auction, the “flats” will be placed onto tables. The day of the auction, the flats will be organized, arranged and presented to the buyers for review before the auction begins. We will make sure that we prepare for the weather conditions such as adding tents for rain or for shade for extra hot days.

If you have only a few items for auction, they will be pictured and stored until enough consignments have been collected to have a consignment auction.

Your settlement or payment will be finalized within 7 to 10 days at the completion of the auction.

If you think you would be interested in having an auction or selling just a few items, please provide us with the information below and we would be happy to contact you to assist you in any way.